Reintroducing TechKenyans

Reintroducing TechKenyans

Feb 29, 2020ยท

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Today's the 29th of February 2020!

60 days into the decade and .... (Drum rolls ๐Ÿฅ) 9 years since the idea of TechKenyans came to mind.

So what's TechKenyans?

Originally the name was Technosavvy Kenyans.

The logos then were super simple too. Screenshot 2020-03-05 05.08.09.png

Please understand my youth then ๐Ÿ˜„

My vision was to be part of a community where we improve each other's tech-savviness. The premise was (and still is) simple: we all have things we do and technology should be seen as an enabler of these activities (economic, social or otherwise).

The ability to apply specific domain knowledge (domain-specific application knowledge) varies from one person to another. Technology is no exception. It is evident, nowadays, that the more tech-savvy you are, the easier you are navigating this life; this complicated life that is rarely devoid of interactions with machines and software.

How's the journey been?

My association with TK on LinkedInMy association with TK on LinkedIn There's been a lot of activity:

  • Leading and participating in communities in campus (like Mictec ) and beyond ( Forloop , Teencode ...)
  • Writing multiple blog posts hosted on Wordpress, Ghost, Medium;
  • Leading and participating in several initiatives like TK-Jamii (A platform, Gilo and I worked on, quite similar to GitHub pages to enable users, newbies in tech, to have personal web profiles) and
  • Forging partnerships with tech communities and events (like FishHackathon );

Here is a timeline of the site over the years:

What's there currently?

TechKenyans' home has been at In being true to consuming #local (Kenya Web Experts is the domain registrar and the splash image is by Mutua Matheka (a Kenyan-born photographer).

Other assets like the banner and logo and are the result of Chao's and Lewis' creative juices respectively!


The future?

The near future will see the TK newsletter live! There's a growing mailing list for the TK newsletter accessible via the homepage (Click on subscribe).

The Medium publication has only two posts from me. I'm hoping that shifting over to Hashnode will see increased reads leveraging on their devblog and more community members writing on the publication. This is the first post on the new TK publication .

Of course, the current platforms and efforts are to continue with the 3-forked theme: Technology, Empowerment and Innovation.

TK banner.pngTechnology | Empowerment | Innovation